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RHOS Lisa Oldfield Claims She Staged On-Screen Fight

She's one of the most colourful characters the Real Housewives franchise has even see. Whether Lisa Oldfield is fighting with husband David, calling her children terrorists or brawling with her co-stars, it's all in a day's work for the hillarious 41-year-old.

Speaking to OK! Magazine the Real Housewives of Sydney star admitted that everything may not be as real as it appears on TV. This week she admitted to faking one of the season's most dramatic fight scenes... What!?

Sunday's finale saw Matty Samaei storm out a wedding reception for a dog and cat (yes... you read that right) after she and Lisa clashed over yet another Sydney rumour. 

This where I'll be on #mothersday ! #snuggled up in my #ultraluxe @davinci.luxe #bedding #velvet #silver #blue #rhos

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'We'd planned it! Matty said to me in the car beforehand, 'can I get in a fight with you for drama?' I was like 'sure,'' she said

'That was the only time we manufactured something, though.'

She also revealed tempers are set to boil over in this week's reunion show which was filmed over 19 hours! 

"We filmed for almost 19 hours and we were all hangry," she said.

"I'd gotten to the stage where you can't reason with idiots or argue with morons so I just let all the other Housewives vent."  

It comes after claims in The Daily Telegraph that co-star Athena X Levendi had to be physically restrained after threatening to 'f**king smash' fellow housewife Victoria Rees off camera. 

According to sources, the fiery altercation took place just as filming of the reunion show wrapped. Real Housewives Of Sydney executive producer Kylie Washington told The Daily Telegraph Athena's behaviour was unlike anything she's seen in her time working on the Mlebourne and Auckland franchise. 

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