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Apple's iPhone Admission Will Make You So Angry

Apple launched three new iPhone on Wednesday.. and then had to reveal its dirty little secret.

The company is currently facing a class-action suit from disgruntled customers after the touch screen stopped working completely.

Known was ‘touch disease’ the issue plagued a small number of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus’, causing people to complain of minishing sensitivity and spotty functionality of the touch screen after owning the device for a short while.

With an unresponsive touchscreen, the phone effectively becomes frozen and can’t be used properly.

The customers who took Apple to court in Californian case say the touch disease infected their phones after a year of ownership, Apple is washing its hands of any responsibility.

A year is a warranty you get when you buy an iPhone. Realistically, he average iPhone will easily last more than two or three years.

The lawsuit argues that “consumers reasonably expect that smartphones will remain operable for at least two years when not subject to abuse or neglect because the overwhelming majority of smartphone users are required to sign service contracts with (mobile) carriers for two year periods.”

Despite publicly saying it makes the most durable devices Apple isn’t afraid to fall back on a legal technicality to win the case.

In a bid to have it thrown out, Arturo González, the lawyer representing Apple in the case filed a motion earlier in the year arguing it is “not appropriate for courts to rewrite the express terms of a warranty simply because of a consumer’s unilateral expectations about a product.”

So, basically, Apple is saying your phone should only last a year.

Good luck everyone.

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