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Bloke Accidentally Sends Text For His Wife To His Employee

You know when you accidentally send a text to the wrong person and you just want to have the ground to swallow you up/ hide under the doona and never, ever surface again?

But we honestly didn't think there was anything worse than sending a text TO the person it's about - until we heard this poor chap's story.

Hamza Hendrix was just minding his own business when he received a fairly hectic message FROM HIS BOSS, informing Hamza that he made him "so fucking angry, more than anyone [he's] ever met."

The text even blamed poor Hamza for "single handedly ruining" his very irate manager's life.

Way harsh, Tai.


Hamza responded in a terribly restrained manner, considering the circumstances, before his now massively embarrassed boss realised he had unleashed his tirade on the wrong person entirely.



After our initial giggles, though, we have many, many questions.

What did the unnamed manager's wife DO to deserve such a message? Why is she a "f*cking something"? How cute is Hamza for offering to be there for his boss?

We're going to need the rest of the story.

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