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Chick Not Allowed In Nightclub Because She's "Too Fat"

People usually get refused entry to a club because they're too drunk, it's too crowded or you don't meet the dress code.

One chick in Buenos Aires copped the most unfair rejection from a nightclub we've ever heard. 

Agustina went along for a night out in celebration of her friends birthday at The Rose in Rio but didn't get any further than the entrance. 

She was told that she wasn't allowed inside because she's too fat.

The bouncers said that she doesn't 'hit the target' and that she 'wasn’t the kind of girl that goes to this place.' 

Agustina posted a rant on Facebook saying “all my life I have been insulted, shouted at in the street, and mocked because I was a fatty, but not letting me into a club because of my physical appearance is the worst thing that has happened to me so far”


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