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Classic 80's Fashion

The 80's was the decade where fashion was dominated by fluro colour and denim.

LOT'S of denim.

We've found some amazing examples of what we were all wearing back then (including some incredible combo's worn by celeb's including Madonna, Mr T and Bon Jovi)

What was your favorite style back in the day?

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Classic 80's Fashion
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Johnny Depp rocking the double denim AND the double belt look during his Jump Street days
The rainbow top with the matching rainbow shoelace belt is SO Punky Brewster!
It looks like someone's been flicking paint at these girls while they were working out!
High waisted pants? Big earrings? Even bigger hair??? Christie Brinkley IS the 80's!
There's so much colour here it looks like a clown exploded
Nothing to see here, just a star shape sewn into the bum of these jeans
Olivia Newton-John made wearing 'leisure wear' a thing long before people today!
We are LOVING those boots!
'Saved By The Bell' star Tiffani-Amber Thiessen unfortunately wasn't 'saved' by the fashion police
Madonna was a fashion icon during the 80's though we're not sure about this 'Purple People Eater' phase she went through
How good is the dollar bill belt buckle???
Remember when everyone wanted to dress like they were starring Dynasty?
Rolled up denim shorts with a long jacket for when you're not sure if it's hot or cold outside
Sam Fox's double denim look was a bit cheeky
The leg warmers over the top of the jeans style is surely due for a comeback!
We just couldn't do enough with denim during this decade could we?
Debbie Gibson must have ridden her bike to the show, hence the skirt with bike pants underneath!
The model on the right has a look on her face that says - "This is NOT a good look girls!"
Looks like Sheila E had been borrowing from Prince's wardrobe when this was taken
Dolly was THE fashion bible in the 80's and has a LOT to answer for!!!
Here's Boy George with Marilyn wearing a hat that looks like it hasn't been finished being made yet
ALWAYS match your skirt with your top, sock and shoes!
Corey Feldman's keyboard coat, Mr T's spandex pants, this IS the 80's in one photo!
When going to the beach always a good idea to dress casually
Bananarama must have been expecting a flood when they rolled up their pants!
Who's The Boss? Well, Tony Danza and Alyssa Milano are the bosses of 80's fashion!
Kylie Minogue was famously a bit on the daggy side when she first appeared on Neighbours
...but when she hooked up with Jason Donovan wearing identical tops they looked....err....nevermind!
We have no words. NO WORDS
Paula Abdul's gloves must keep her warm when she's wearing a sleeveless dress!
Robert Downey Jr and Sarah Jessica Parker were one of the 'trendiest' Hollywood couple during the 80's
...before Robert moved on to Molly Ringwald and her amazing shoulder pads!
Nothing better than adding some accessories to your denim jacket...and painting some stubble on a teenagers face!
Bon Jovi celebrate all that's glorious about the awesome 80's!
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