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Creepy Abandoned Wizard Of Oz Theme Park Set To Re-Open

The Wizard Of Oz is considered one of the greatest films of all time, and with it's magical storybook-style story it's surprising that there aren't more attractions set up to capitalize on it's enduring popularity. 

Well, turns out there actually WAS a theme park dedicated to Dorothy's famous journey along the yellow brick road.

The Land of Oz opened in 1970 in California with Debbie Reynolds and her then teenage daughter Carrie Fisher cutting the opening-day ribbon.


At first the park was a huge success, attracting 400,000 visitors in its first season. 

Soon however, the park experienced a run of bad luck including a fire in 1975 that destroyed the park's Emerald City and also badly which featured Judy Garland’s original gingham dress from the movie.

By 1980 the park closed and has since been overrun with weeds while the various buildings have fallen into disrepair and been vandalized.


However, the Charlotte Observer says the park will reopen its gates to the public for six days only this June, offering "immersive" tours of the once grand theme park.

"You may even get the chance to play one the roles of Dorothy's trusted companions or the wicked witch that she meets throughout her journey," the park's website states.

Would you like to take a look or would it be just too creepy to visit?

The Wizard Of Oz Official Trailer 

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