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How Women On Survivor Deal With That Time Of The Month

Ok, so women around Australia we’ve all been thinking it, right? Thirty days on a tropical island, no shower, toothbrush, beauty products…NOTHING. So what happens when the female contestant’s monthly visitor comes knocking!? Thankfully the good people at Mamamia have cleared a few things up, putting this very important question to eliminated contestant Kate. 

The brunette beauty revealed she skipped all the unpleasantness as she's on birth control, but others weren’t so lucky. 

'From the other women I've spoken to about it - because I was also so curious - they were supplied with sanitary products. But that would have just been the most disgusting thing ever.

'I could not think of anything worse than to have [my period] there on the island,’ she told Mamamia. 

While it was revealed earlier this month that contestants are provided the luxury of a drop toilet…yuk...with no toilet paper in sight we’re feeling extremely sorry for the women on the show. 

While there's been rumours of romance blossoming between Lee and El, Kate has shutdown any ideas of a Survivor love story revealing the last thing you feel like doing is hooking up with someone. 

 "You don’t brush your teeth, you don’t shower...the last thing you want to do is have a make-out session."

Whoever wins Survivor certainly deserves all the prize money! 

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