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France May Ban Skinny Models

For a long time the fashion industry has been criticised for encouraging models to be too skinny. The pressure the industry places on having the "perfect body", has often led to unhealthy methods, eating disorders and can have dangerous outcomes. 


Well now, the French government is taking a huge step to stop this from happening. If an alleged bill gets passed it will place restrictions over the profession and put an end to unhealthy practises among models. 

The French National Assembly, according to Reuters is seeking to pass a law that requires all professional models to maintain a body mass index (BMI) of 18 or higher. If they are under 18 it will be considered as underweight and that model will not be allowed to work. 


Furthermore, if a company is found to be hiring models under the new weight standard they could be fined up to $79,300 dollars or be spending 6 months in jail.

The ban will also cover websites that promote anorexia or extreme thinness. They could be fined up to $10,000 or handed a year-long jail sentence. 

France isn't the first country to implement something like this however, Italy, Spain and Israel have all passed similar weight-regulation laws in the past. 

Do you think Australia should be doing something like this? 

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