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Gran With AVO Claims Her Neighbour Has A 'Caravan Brothel'

A Current Affair loves to report on a good old fashioned neighborhood stoush, but this latest story is NEXT LEVEL.

Tracy and the ACA team have unearthed a story that has to be seen to be believed!

86 year old Shirly Anderson and her son Steven claim that their neighbour Kelly runs a brothel from her caravan next door, while Kelly has taken out an AVO against Shirley in a situation that is now headed for court.

Even more bizarrely an anonymous voodoo doll arrived in the Andersons' mailbox with a note reading, 'To Steve. I hope you have a rotten birthday,'

Steven believes this was sent by Kelly, a claim she denies.

The feud has been going for over two years, with great-grandmother and mother of seven Shirly saying 'I'm not a threat to anybody I don't think,'

Shirly admits she once called her neighbour 'a smart a** bloody bastard' but doesn't believe she deserved to have an AVO taken out against her.

Shirly told ACA it was actually Kelly who was the trouble maker saying, 'She stands around the side of the caravan listening to everything we say,'

Then the story took an even bigger twist when Shirly and Steve said that Kelly's caravan, which sits in her front yard, is a makeshift brothel.

Kelly responded, 'That's my caravan. I can do whatever I want in my front yard!'

Kelly claims her neighbour is 'mouthy' and 'vindictive'.

'I can't walk out in my backyard or my front yard without them carrying on.'

THEN Kelly went on to claim the grandmother had killed rabbits in her backyard before blaming someone else.


Steven defended his mum saying, 'People that know mum know that she doesn't swear ... she might have a go occasionally,'

Shirly said she has been in the house for 46 years will face court on Friday for allegedly breaching the AVO taken out against her.

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