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Incredible Brother and Sister Swap Genders As Teens!

Beth McGarrity, a mother of two, has spoken out about her son and daughter both wanting to swap gender within weeks of each other. 

According to The Sun, Beth and her husband Ross, who moved to Cincinnati when their kids were young, had noticed both their children were 'different' from a young age. 

Beth said that at five, her son, Russie, liked to play dressing up with girls. Where as their daughter who was three years younger, Aly, preferred to kick a football with the boys. 

At school, Russie suffered bullying and depression as he slowly started adopting a more androgynous look. 

When his school threatened to expel him for going into the girls' toilets, he told his parents "I did not choose this for myself. I wish there was a way that I could not be this way ... I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I am not". 

At the same time, Beth and Ross put Aly's boyish style down to her being a typical tomboy but it was actually Aly who came out to her parents about being transgender first. 

Just a week before Aly's 15th birthday, Russie spoke to her about 'liking girls' and she opened up to him, telling him that she'd been looking online and believed she was transgender. 

Russie then convinced Aly to talk to her mum, which she did. 

"I've always wanted to be a boy. I never told you this but when I was little, I would go to sleep and wish that I'd wake up a boy" she said to her mum. 

Beth promised to support Aly with her decision and they decided she would begin gender reassignment after high school. 

Just one month later, Russie also broke down and told his parents he was transgender. 

Now 20 and 17, Russie and Aly are known as Rai and Gavin and their parents are thrilled that they have two happy kids. 

Talking to Cosmopolitan magazine, "People ask me what I've lost, but I don't feel that I've lost anything. I have my son and daughter the way they should be ... as it so happened, we did have one of each - just in a different order than we originally thought". 

If you or anyone you know have questions about sex, sexuality or gender, visit reachout.com

Source: Daily Telegraph 


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