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What Colour Is This Bag? The Internet Is Divided AGAIN!

Remember in 2015 when MAJOR debate erupted worldwide over that ONE dress? The internet was divided over whether it was white and gold or blue and charcoal. 


Well, it's happening again!

Scientists have clearly explained how our brains can interpret colours differently - but that knowledge has obviously been forgotten because Twitter has been thrown into turmoil once again...

On Tuesday, Twitter user @whyofcorso uploaded a photo of a brand new Kate Spade handbag to Twitter, totally oblivious to the influx of unsolicited opinions the single tweet was about to unleash.

Someone responded to her tweet with "White.Daring" to which Corso replied, "It's Blue".

Unlike the infamous dress, the colour difference is not as stark - yet her tweet has received thousands of like and retweets. Some see white, some see blue

The bag's colour is clearly listed on Kate Spade's website as 'lakes edge' and appears to be blue after another photo of the bag has been posted online:  


Still, people just can't deal OR agree...

What colour do you see?

 Source: Daily Mail

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