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Is This The Hardest EVER Game Of "Would You Rather"?

When it comes to the epic drinking game that is "Would You Rather", you're more likely to be faced with choosing between having penises for fingers or fingers for a penis than having to ponder a moral dilemma.

But researchers at Florida University have turned the usually light-hearted game into an ethical study by posing two of the hardest questions we've ever come up against.

Ready to play?

Question one: Would you rather amputate your dominant hand or have a swastika tattooed prominently on your face?

Question two: Would you rather die right now or live into your nineties, but be widely known as a paedophile?

Tricky, aren't they?

Participants answers were collated into a paper called "Death Before Dishonour: Incurring Costs To Protect Moral Reputation" which works off the theory that "people's survival depends greatly on participation in cooperative society."

And the results are pretty startling; a whopping 70 per cent of those who took part in the study would rather cut off their hand than be seen as a fascist, while, for the second question, 53 per cent of people would prefer to die.

"People are willing to do many things to avoid a bad reputation that other theories might not have predicted," Andrew J Vonasch, one of the paper's authors, said. 

"Certainly we already knew that people cared about their reputations, but this research shows that we care a whole lot about it, and we argue that this is because the self fundamentally serves social purposes."

The REAL question, though, is would you rather wear someone else's dirty underwear, or use someone else's toothbrush?

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