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Jessica Silva: If I didn't stab my husband ‘I would have been dead’

Jessica Silva stabbed her estranged partner James Polkinghorne outside her home in 2012 after he sent her messages threatening he would "cave her f***ing head in", while fuelled on Ice. 

She has now spoken out about the horrific moment for the first time with 60 Minutes and has asked James' father to forgive her. 

Jessica visited the home of James's father to explain why she had to kill his son 3 years ago.

On the night of the incident Jessica called her brother to come help her.

When James arrived at her home he started to punch Jessica in the face, then he grabbed her brother by the throat. She ran into her kitchen and grabbed a knife to defend herself and her brother. 

“And all I could hear him saying was, ‘Youse all deserve to die! Youse all deserve to die!’”

She said she grabbed the knife "Just to kind of scare him... I wasn't thinking I was going to use it." 

However after he went to grab her again, she stabbed him 5 times. 

Jessica was asked what she thought would have happened if she did not stab him, she said she believes she would have been dead.

Jessica was charged with his murder. She spent 29 weeks at the maximum security Silverwater prison before her trial in November last year.

A jury found her not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter and a judge sentenced her to time already served.

Jessica's motivation to tell her story to 60 Minutes was to 'send a warning to others, she did everything wrong, that she should have left at the very first sign of violence."


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