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Man’s Fitbit Data Shows How Real Heartbreak Is

The best thing about Fitbit data is that it has no way of telling the difference between your morning cardio and, say, an orgasm (sex is so good for you). Or in Koby Soto's case, Fitbit couldn't quite tell the difference between heartbreak and his daily workout. 

Soto, who lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, happened to be wearing his Fitbit Charge HR (which charts the wearer's heart rate throughout the day) when his boyfriend called and suddenly broke up with him. "He said that we're going to have to cancel [our plans], and I said 'Why?' and he said, 'Things are not working as they should,'" Soto told BuzzFeed. "I said, 'Are you serious? You're doing this over the phone?'"

Soto said he spent the rest of the day "sad and stunned," and then later, when a friend told him to just please calm down, he pulled his Fitbit chart up, as if to prove how riled up he felt. And BOOM, there were the heartbreak receipts.

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