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Meet Steve Jobs' Hot Daughter Who Is Set To Run Apple

We've just become aware of Eve Jobs, the late Steve Jobs' youngest daughter - and boy oh boy is she IMPRESSIVE.

At just 19-years-old, she's a Stanford University student and an accomplished equestrian.


She's a fierce rider, even scoring the title of 'rider of the month' last year after competing in the Amateur-Owner division in the East Conference of the Show Jumping Hall of Fame Jumper Classic Series.

She also regularly competes against other young heiresses like Jennifer Gates, daughter of Bill Gates, and Jessica Springsteen, daughter of Bruce Springsteen.

If you were hoping to score a date, sorry - you're too late. She's dating Miami School of Business student Eugenio Garza Perez, who also shares her love of horses.


Get this... according to Forbes, Ever, her mother and her siblings are worth nearly $20.1 billion.

It's been six years since Jobs passed away in 2011, and according to his official biographer, Walter Isaacson, Jobs didn't doubt that it would be his youngest daughter, Eve, who would run Apple in the future.

Sit tight, we've got a feeling this girl is going to do BIG things.


Source: news.com.au

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