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Meet The Same-Sex Couple Who Are Record Breakers

A same-sex couple in South Africa has become parents to triplets who share both father’s DNA after a surrogate agreed to bear their children.

Sky News has reported the Theo and Christo Menleaou met the surrogate at a neighbourhood meeting the took place in the same area where Oscar Pistorius murdered Reeve Steenkamp.

Shared parenthood is rare, and it means that both men are the biological fathers, who have one egg each fertilised.

Doctors had advised the parents to terminate two of the babies after discovering the egg had split, and the surrogate was pregnant with triplets.


The fathers decided against that action, and the babies were born prematurely in early July, weighing just over a kilogramme each. Each one of them will require surgery in the coming months.

After a few weeks in a hospital, all three children have been allowed home with their parents and are fitted with alarms to monitor their breathing.

It is believed the Menelaus are the first same-sex couple in the world to have triplets.

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