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Monty's Latest Poo Story Had Yumi In Tears From Laughter

Potty training toddlers can be a taxing period of time. 

It's filled with as many light bulb moments as it is accidents - and lots of cleanup. 

But when it comes to being out in public a line has to be drawn somewhere (surely?). 

"I have just finished potty training Arlo – my two-and-a-half-year-old - and it is an absolute faeces zone getting through that," Monty said.

"When you realise you’ve got through it, it’s just the best thing ever. We would take the potty out in public with us.

"If we were going to the park instead of putting a nappy on him we’d put his potty underneath the pram and take it with us.

"I don’t want to go back, I don’t want to put a nappy on him but we’ve got to leave the house.

"I felt like a bit of an idiot at the park with the potty but whatever!"

Then Monty stumbled across a story going viral on forum Mumsnet this week. 

A woman and fellow mum was out at dinner in a restaurant at 7pm with family, before a lady at the next table gets out a potty and encourages her child to do his business in the middle of the place that was once, you know, designed for eating? 

The child (which according to the mumsnet blogger he "really did look old enough to be able to get to a toilet") proceeded to go potty in the middle of what was described as a 'nice pub'. 

"In the restaurant, the kid sat on the potty and pooed – is that too far!?" Monty explained. 

"Isn’t that incredible – a part of me wishes I was there to witness it just to be like ‘is this happening?’”

The incident isn't the only one of its kind witnessed by the mumsnet blogosphere, with contributor 'HappyFlappy' recalling a time when a member of their parents' group had their tot do their number two at the table then just push it underneath while the group finished their coffee. 

Another reader said they were in a department store when a mother put a potty on top of an adjoining table and had their bub do number two.

What ambiance... 

No doubt adds to the nutty complexion of our daily latte. 

Are we alone in thinking that this is a complete disregard for proper hygiene and privacy? 

The outpour of comments from fellow parents on the blogside seem to be consistent with our reaction.

Share your thoughts below if you think we are being too harsh! 

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