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Five Things We Want To See In The New Season Of Will & Grace

We had a taste of what Will & Grace would like like in the year 2016 in the lead up to the American election and all we can say is, WE WANT MORE!

And there's a chance we may get exactly what we asked for with news that NBC has the show's two creators and four main cast members on board for a new season of the early noughties show. 

Ten more episodes could be coming our way. 

More of Grace, Will, Jack and Karen? Yes please! 

However, it's been ten years since the series finale aired and there's a few things we can't wait to see. 

1. Will the Will & Grace finale in 2006 be acknowledged? 

The final episode of season eight shows a fall out between Will and Grace that ultimately lasts 20 years. Grace goes on to marry Leo the doctor, Will reunites with Vince the cop and both have a child. It isn't until the two offspring meet at college and by chance decide to get married themselves that Will and Grace mend their relationship. Meanwhile Karen realises she's broke after all of her husband's money is deemed to be on loan. Karen uses Jack to seduce Beverly (remember him!) for his money and get married. Beverly then sees his untimely death when high winds see him blown off a balcony (we're not even making this up) so Karen, Jack and maid Rosario live happily ever after. 

Surely a reboot would have to see the final episode as a dreamscape from one of the characters. Otherwise it just wouldn't be the same having a year of Will and Grace when the two refuse to be in the same room together. Although, let's face it, an entire season of Karen and Jack wouldn't be all bad!

2. Jack and technology

Maybe it's just us, but we think there could be some awesome plot lines involving Jack's use of Tinder to find dates and Facebook Live for a weekly JUST JACK episode. Perhaps he managed to become a Youtube sensation? We already love the actor Sean Hayes' lip syncing videos on Facebook so surely incorporating it into the character makes sense.

3. Will & Grace as parents

Whether they are co-parenting or raising children with their parents Leo and Vince respectively, we think finally being parents will add a new dimension to both characters - and we are interested to see how Grace goes having to put someone else first 24-7. It will also be interesting to see if they automatically jump to children who are around ten years old as per the finale timeline or something completely different. 

4. More Karen, More Jack

This is a given. The pair make up some of the funniest moments in Will & Grace. Will a lifetime of boozing and popping pills ever catch up with Karen? Will Jack ever find a steady job or steady boyfriend? Or how does he go on the gay scene ten years older. 

5. What other favourites will return? 

Nowadays the actor that played Karen's maid Rosario (Shelley Morrison) is 80 years old but would she return for a ten episode season of Will and Grace? She did return for the ten minute mini episode last month, so we have our fingers crossed. Then it comes to the mainstays like Leo (Harry Connick Jr) and Vince (Bobby Cannavale), it wouldn't be the same without them but both have had a number of roles and moved on in their careers since the last airing of the episode in 2006. Plus a host of special guest appearances over the years... The options are endless... 

Either way, we just want this to happen and to take us back to a simpler time. 

Bring on the laughs! 


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