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Mum Gets So High On Pain Meds She Forgets She's Had A Baby

A hilarious video of a new mum having to be reminded she's just had a baby has gone viral, after a hefty dose of pain medication made her forget the entire labour.

James Heffron was sitting with his wife on her hospital bed a couple of hours after welcoming their second son as Tisha's morphine kicked in, prompting him to grab his phone to film his stunned wife's reaction.

"I've been sleeping all the time!" Tisha insists as her husband gently reminds her she has actually given birth. "To who?!"

James then tries to coax his wife into having a sleep, telling her that if she closes her eyes the room will get dark; as Tisha squints, she asks: "Can you see me? WOW, I couldn't see you at all!"

But wait. It gets even better.

"You pushed out a kid!" James says, yet again.

"Out of my belly button?!" a shocked Tisha responds. "Woah. My vagina. Where is it?!"

"I was torn between trying not to laugh and making sure Tisha didn't stand up," James later said. "Nurses had told her not to leave bed and get as much sleep as possible.

"Her first reaction was to go for a walk but I couldn't let that happen.

"This went on for at least 10 minute before she fell asleep again."

James and Tisha have been married for three years; their new little one joins 15-month-old son Jackson.

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