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13-yo Girl Took Her Own Life After Relationship With Teacher

The grieving father of a 13-year-old girl who took her own life after having a relationship with a teacher, has labelled the man a mongrel. 

Bruce McLelland revealed the disturbing relationship between his mentally unstable daughter and her disgraced former teacher, Sam Back.

At an inquest into his daughter Reiha's death, Mr McLelland claimed the 42-year-old teacher had a secret sleepover with the 13-year-old.  

The heartbroken father read the inquest his original police statement, which claimed Mr Back sent his daughter text messages in an attempt to 'sexually groom her' and had tried really hard to develop a 'strange bond.'

Source: Facebook 

Mr McLelland and his wife said they first learned about the relationship when they caught the 13-year-old sneaking off at night with her passport to a waiting car. Inside was Mr Back and his partner Angie Mepham.

However, they said they only realised the extend of the 'excessive' text messages from Mr McLelland after his daughter's tragic death in 2014. 

Ms Mepham was also questioned by the inquest about her involvement, as it was revealed she too was in regular contact with the girl. 

In one text message read to the inquest, the former Gisborne High School teacher told the 13-year-old she could stay at his home 'as long as all your bases are covered'

'He's an absolute mongrel…I'll try to be dignified but these teachers are ... I can't really say what they are,' Mr McLelland said. 

Mr Back moved to New Zealand from Canada over 12 years ago and was deregistered from teaching after a nurse caught him 'cuddling' Reiha in a hospital bed. 

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