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Port Adelaide Just Took Part In The Latest Viral Craze...

Imagine slogging it out in the gym and then suddenly everything stops... well, that's exactly what happened to the Port Adelaide Football club... well, kind of.

The boys in teal may have just returned back to the track, but it didn't stop them having a bit of fun. The team took part in the new craze sweeping the internet. Forget ice cold water and death defying stunts, the latest viral videos simply require you to stand still... but don’t be fooled, it’s AMAZING!

Everyone from cheerleaders to NBA basketball stars are taking part in the ‘mannequin challenge’. The videos see a group of people freeze and hold their position as someone films.

Even Hillary Clinton took time out time out during the election chaos to take part. She and her team appeared to freeze aboard a plane. The clip has been retweeted over 25,000 times.





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