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REVEALED The Pic MAFS Star Tracey Sent Dean AFTER They Split

So it turns out Dean was telling the truth after all...

When a huge fight occurred on Married At First Sight after Dean claimed that his 'ex-wife' Tracey was still in contact with him even after she had hooked up with Sean, it turns out the self confessed bad-boy was actually in the right after all.

The Daily Mail has found a saucy selfie taken by Tracey that they claim was sent to Dean AFTER their marriage had failed and she moved on to Sean.


Tracey sent the picture to Dean as they continued to text each other despite their breakup.

It was a huge scandal when Dean told Sean that he and Tracey were still in regular contact, much to Sean's shock and surprise.

Dean's revelation only came about after Sean accused him of harassing and 'sexting' Tracey once they had broken up earlier in the series.

Dean then accused Tracey of not telling Sean the truth and falsely claiming that she had told him to stop texting her.

Dean told Sean, 'You don't know the full story' before saying to Tracey, 'You sent me very inappropriate messages. You sent me pictures of you in your underwear!'

'You sent me photos of you in your bedroom, going 'Sean's gonna love this outfit'.'

Tracey then tried to talk her way out of it by claiming, 'It wasn't my intention to bring it up in front of everyone and it's making me very uncomfortable,'

Dean then replied, 'If you had told me for one second 'don't send those messages' I would've stopped,'

Tracey replied: 'Well, we'll have to agree to disagree on that one.' Sean, Dean and Tracey left things there, declining to go into the matter any further.

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