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SA Police's UNBELIEVEABLE Response To Creepy Clowns

South Australian Police are bracing for more frightening clown sightings as Halloween approaches, and SA's top police officer has ZERO TOLERANCE for clowning around. 

South Australia's Police Commissioner Grant Stevens has thrown political correctness out the window and warned such 'dickhead' behaviour will not be tolerated. 

Yes, our top cop used the word 'dickhead'. 

video: Clown Craze 15-year-old clown arrested. Found carrying a large knife

His stern words come after a week of clown-related chaos worldwide and reports that two twelve-year-old South Australian girls were left traumatised after being terrorised by a weapon-wielding clown in Adelaide's CBD on Saturday night.

According to reports, Stevens has warned that  "Anyone who dresses up as a clown with the intention of scaring other people can only be described as a dickhead," 

"There is enough for us out there to do now, without having to respond to instances where people think that this is funny."

VIDEO:Creepy clown armed with a knife caught on security cameras 'trying to break into man's house'

The commissioner said people dressed as clowns will not receive much sympathy from SA police if those they frighten then retaliate.

"We'll be looking at taking action against them for their behaviour which has instigated that level of fear that someone feels they have to protect themselves," he said.

You've been warned! 

Source: news.com.au 

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