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Tamagotchi Is Back!

Twenty years after it's original release, the tamagotchi has returned!

This first ever digital 'pet' was a small hand held device that attached to your key-chain and started off as a virtual egg before hatching into a creature that you had to 'feed' 

Kids and parents alike were soon obsessively checking to ensure that their 'pet' was well fed or risk it getting 'sick' or even dying!

After selling an incredibly 76 million units, the Tamagotchi eventually faded into obscurity alongside other trends like the Rubiks Cube and Space Invaders.

But to celebrate it's 20th birthday a whole new generation can now see what kids did for fun back in the days before iPhones!

You can order your Tamagotchi on Amazon for just $15 (£11.30), and selected retailers.

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