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The 100 Most Popular Baby Names Of 2017 Have Been Revealed

Struggling to think of baby names you like? It’s a big responsibility, naming a child. You want it to be timeless, to suit them… and to not result in teasing or taunting down the line.

It’s kind of stressful, isn’t it? The Daily Telegraph recently released the top 100 baby names of 2017, 50 for boys, 50 for girls.

They’re the names that Aussie parents chose most over the last year, and may influence you to choose them for your own bubs, or make you want to steer clear for fear of being too common.


Some of the highlights from both the boys and girl’s lists are as follows.


#1: Oliver - who knew?!

#2: William - standard.

#18: Hunter - so cool, and so high up the list!

#42: Archer - so American sounding, we were surprised this made the top 50.


#1: Charlotte - there’s that Royal influence.

#2: Olivia - the girl version of Oliver, standard.

#13: Harper - the celeb influence!

#25: Matilda - how very patriotic.

42: Elizabeth - bringing it back!

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