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The Biggest Lie To Come Out Of The Belle Gibson Interview

It was the interview that everyone has been waiting for, where Belle Gibson would finally tell the truth about her fraud.

After Belle was reportedly paid $45,000 for the opportunity to speak the truth and many viewers and former followers were incensed. 

But surprisingly, the biggest lie to be revealed through the interview on 60 Minutes was that Belle was unclear with how old she is.

Tara Brown tries to confirm the simple question: "How old are you?" and gets a myriad of strange answers.

“I’ve been raised as being currently a 26 year old”.

“I live knowing as I have always known that I am 26.”

“I believe that I am 26.”

“I have two birth certificates. I have changed my name four times.”

“I’ll need to keep digging.”

When Tara told her the that according to her latest poll documentation she is 23, Belle replied: “Correct.”

Social Media Reacts

With the lead-up to the interview so controversial, and the interview riddled with strange omissions and unclear answers, Australia took to social media with reactions skeptical at best and downright fuming at worst.

Belle admitted that the "doctor" who gave her the diagnosis was "not a real doctor", and she had no proper medical testing.

She told Tara that she had a stroke at work, and she was diagnosed with brain cancer by a man named "Mark Johns" who said she had six weeks to four months to live.

Belle said: “Mark Johns did “a series of tests at her home with a box. A machine. With lights on the front.” 

She said it was “German technology” that “measures what I believe to be frequencies.”

Belle wrote in her book that she had received this information in a medical office – and with Tara's insistence she admitted that was not true.

“I thought being open…would not be understood. And that people would be disappointed and angry for me.”

Today show's Sylvia Jeffreys tweeted, "I sense she is a very long way from finding reality".

Belle said she doesn't think she has Munchausen's syndrome, a mental disorder where sufferers believe and act as if they have a physical or mental illness when they do not.

"I do not accept that," she said when Tara asked her if she thought Munchausen's was a possibility for her.

The reactions then got angry with Brisbane Lions Captain, Tom Rockliff tweeting: 

Tara asked her, “Do you take responsibility for driving any people away from conventional medicine?”

"I never intended on doing that ... I accept that might have happened," Belle replied.

AFL St Kilda player, Luke Delaney said his "blood was boiling".

But a good handful of the reactions got pretty sarcastic at the way Belle answered the questions:

In April Belle was forced to admit she didn't actually have brain cancer after profiting from her wellness App and cookbook, the Whole Pantry, which claimed she was "curing" her cancer with healthy eating. 

It is still unclear whether she will donate the promised $300,000 from her $1 million in profits to cancer research.

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