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The New iPhone Feature That People Aren’t Happy About

A serial Apple product leaker claims that fans of the tech giant will be in for a "nasty surprise" when the iPhone 8 is unveiled.

The insider who apparently has access to all the gossip in the supply chain has said that Apple has ditched the Touch ID for a face recognition system.

This means that the new device will be unlocked by your face, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

"As it stands most of my sources believe Touch ID will not feature on the iPhone 8 (putting huge pressure on ‘Face ID’), despite suggestions it could be hidden in a curiously enlarged power button," the insider reported.

Other rumours suggest the new phone won’t be called iPhone 8 and it will be instead called the iPhone Pro.

Like all Apple updates, we won’t know until it’s actually announced, which isn’t expected to be until October at the earliest with some suggesting it may not be until 2018.


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