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The One Thing All SMART Aussies Are Doing This Christmas

It’s hard to believe Christmas is just around the corner and if you’re like me, there’s still so much to do! If you’re wondering why there’s a growing number of the population who have smugly purchased all their gifts and even planned their Christmas feast, this information might make you feel a little happier.

A growing number of people are outsourcing Christmas, paying others to do jobs we hate – and we’re not just talking about online shopping and getting presents delivered.

The Balfours take Christmas tree hunting seriously #grizwalds #seriously

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People are actually recruiting others to decorate their tress, hand their Christmas lights and much more! Some are even hiring people to put their children’s Christmas presents together – genius! Erecting trampolines had been the most popular task placed on website Airtasker so far! Parents are offering anywhere from $30 up to $200 for the task to be completed.

The App has witnesses a surge in activity, with others requesting someone to handwrite their Christmas cards, collecting and wrapping presents, finding the perfect Kris Kringle present and even baking a pavlova for Christmas lunch!

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