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Sophie Cachia Reveals Her Biggest Regret Of Her Second Child

Australian blogger Sophie Cachia, known as the Young Mummy, live streamed the birth if her second child, Betty, on Saturday.

She even shared a photo of her second child just before midnight and told everyone that they had given birth to a girl.

However, just two days later, the 26-year-old has revealed that she has been having doubts about the name she chose for her daughter.

Taking to Snapchat on Monday morning, Cachia shared a photo of her little girl and asked her followers if they had 'issues with names post-birth.'

8lb 9oz. 51cm. Daddy's/brothers eyes. Mummy's 2 dimples. 🎀

A photo posted by SOPHIE CACHIA (@theyoungmummy) on

'I'm starting to worry she doesn't look like a Betty. And doubting if I should have gone with the other name,' she captioned the image, along with a pensive Emoji face. 

Hundreds of Ms Cachia’s followers posted their opinions on Instagram and many of them said they had a similar problem but it was just down to hormones.

'I promise the name thing's hormonal!! I doubted my first daughter's name and it wasn't until my older sister told me to pull my head in and the name was perfect that I felt much better and adored her name,' one woman wrote.  

'Being unsure about the name is totally normal, Betty is a beautiful name and I think it suits her. I reckon try not to think about it for a week then reassess,' another added. 

We are still waiting to see if the name Betty makes it to the birth certificate.

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