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There's EVEN MORE Bad News For Calvin Harris!

It's probably not the news Calvin Harris wanted to hear after he and Taylor Swift called it quits.. but it's happened.

While Taylor is off partying with her new bae Tom Hiddleston, Calvin has been dumped as an underwear model for Armani.

A source told UK newspaper The Sun ''Calvin shocked the world by appearing in the raunchy ads and it certainly helped raise his profile. However, it was clearly a one-off as Armani is looking for fresh talent,''

Calvin can't seem to get a break at the moment but we shouldn't be panicking about his next move.

He is apprently looking to move in to fashion modelling and incorporating his own fashion line.

The source continued to say that following the split, Calvin and Kanye West have been in touch and Yeezy is sending Harris heaps of goods and apprently it's because of the ''nasty break-up with Taylor.''

So I mean... Lose Taylor, gain Kanye.

It's actually a win-win.

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