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This Guy's Responses To Scam Emails Are Hilarious!

James Veitch wondered what would happen if he replied to spam email, and documented the funniest threads in his new book Dot-Con.

So that's exactly what he did - he set up multiple email accounts and responded to as many spam emails as possible.

This particular extract in the gallery above, titled "The Devil Wife" is long, but it's so, so worth it.

Veitch spoke to Mashable about the two-year period when he conducted the experiment.

"I set up multiple pseudonymous email accounts and began replying to spam," he said.

"This must have put me on some sort of list because the spam came in a torrent and I replied to as much as I could."

Around 80% of scammers responded, though he said only about one in 30 scams made it to the book.

"Either because they got wise to what I was doing after I pushed it too far or because their email accounts were deleted half way through," Veitch explained.

But his favourites were from those scammers who thought pretending to be a friend would get you to hand over your bank details...

"Because they’re claiming to be someone you know but don’t know what capacity you know them in, you can say anything you want to," Veitch said. "You could be their doctor, their dentist, their flying instructor; and they must agree.It's rather like an improve game where you must say 'yes' to everything.

"Some of the best scams come from this; they’re also the ones most likely to make it through your spam filter since, generally, they come from someone you know who has had their email account broken into."

Source: Mashable

Cover Image: Stock photo

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