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THOUSANDS Of Telstra Customers Are Set To Get A Refund

Telstra is refunding customers for offering NBN plans that have failed to meet the advertised speeds.

The refund of close to 8000 customers follows a report on the climbing number of NBN complaints and a government initiative intended to increase the transparency of service speed.

Telstra retail group executive Kevin Russell conceded in a posting that the speeds delivered over the NBN are "all a bit of a mystery" due to the different technologies used in its delivery.

In a first for the industry, the telco has announced it will offer all affected customers a refund "We believe a small number of our NBN customers are not [receiving the speeds they signed up for]," began Russell, "and we're in the process of proactively contacting those customers to move them to a speed tier their NBN service supports."

"In any cases where we believe that customers may have paid for a speed boost they haven't benefited from, we'll be reimbursing the charges."

Refunds are to be extended to 7920 customers; an estimated one percent of the telco's 792,000 NBN base.

"In the first month after a customer takes up a speed boost," says Russell, "we will also review their speeds and proactively contact them if we believe that they are not receiving the speeds they signed up for."

The announcement follows a damning report from the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman revealing 7500 complaints were lodged for NBN internet and landline services in the second half of 2016.

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