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Tziporah And Steve's Explosive Argument On 'I'm A Celeb'

Tensions on 'I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ reached boiling point on Monday night.

Two of the camp’s most outspoken celebrities, Steve Price and Tziporah Malkah, went finally went head to head. YASSS!!!

Which is really no surprise, considering we’ve known from the beginning that this day would eventually come.

The pair butted heads over something super trivial, which I guess is what the jungle will do to you. 

It all started after Steve injured his ankle during the bungee jump challenge, and Tziporah was not impressed when he decided to ice his injury in the camp’s only bucket.

The same bucket they use to cook, wash and basically do everything.

After lot’s of back and forth comments and the pair telling each other to wash the bucket out, Steve yelled a few profanities at Tziporah, before storming off to clean the bucket.


Here’s the (amazing) dialogue:

Steve: “I'm going to wash it out, because obviously we have a problem here. (In the diary room) She seemed to object that was the bucket we washed the dishes in. She seems to get upset about a lot of things.”

Tziporah: “No problem, I just said, we'll wait for...”

Steve: “I heard what you said and I didn't like it." 

Tziporah: “Oh, that's so unusual for you, Steve, not liking something someone else has said.”

OOOH! Nasty!

Steve then snapped back, telling her: “There’s lots of things in here that is going to kill you, Tziporah. My foot is not one them.”

You can understand Tziporah’s frustration, but what was the poor guy to do?

And then just when we thought their argument had sizzled out, they decided to exchange even more unpleasant words:

Tziporah: “I'm the whipping boy, as usual. Everyone yell at Tziporah.”

Steve: “Not everyone, just me. I don't think that anyone is bullying everyone in here. People would pull you up in that was the case. Stop playing the victim, for Christ's sake.”

Tziporah: “I am a victim, actually. But the one thing I don't want to be a victim of is your toe jam." 

Yeah, she said it. And she can’t unsay it either…

#ToeJamGate? Whose side are you on?

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