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Why Is Everyone Talking About This Tshirt?

 Slogan casual tees are nothing out of the ordinary but one in particular has women up in arms at the moment.  

A simple black shirt is currently on sale with the term "Trophy" emblazoned across the front from Target. 

While it may seem like a little joke, a lot of people feel it unfairly objectifies women as something to win and own. 

A Change.org petition already has over 12 thousand signatures and counting. 

Alongside the 'Trophy' slogan is "Mrs" and "Bride" plastered across similar shirts.

Meanwhile in the men's section of the shop there are slogans such as "Camp Gallipoli" and "Mustang". 

Do you think it is reasonable for women to take offense to it and want to change the casual sexism that so frequently exists in our society?

While the shirt was not meant to be controversial, shops need to be more conscious of how they depict societal norms and their target market.

Will you be signing the petition or do you think it is a fun t-shirt that you would consider wearing.

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