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Woman Goes Broke On Desperate Quest To Become Insta Famous

A woman in the US has gotten herself into financial ruin after spending big on travel, clothes and hotels, all in a bid to become famous on Instagram.

26 year old Lissette Calveiro racked up $13,000 in debt by attempting to live a lavish lifestyle that others will envy on social media. 

"I was living a lie... I was living above my means," she admitted to the New York Post.

Lissetta would go on regular shopping sprees, dropping thousands of dollars so that her 14,000 Instagram followers wouldn't see her wearing the same outfit more than once. 

"I was shopping ... for clothes to take ‘the perfect ’gram'," she confessed.

She would also go on multiple trips to the most expensive hotels in the world so that she would appear to be a carefree traveller. She once even spent $900 on a round-trip ticket to Austin, Texas, for a Sia concert.

After her spending habits left her no choice but to downgrade her entire life, she began reusing images taken months prior and even renting clothes instead of buying them.

She was able to become debt-free within 14 months and now worries that young girls will feel the pressures of social media that she did. 

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