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Girl Unhappy With Boyfriends Proposal, Asked Him To Re-Do It

With the grand launch of the new TIFU Reddit Thread (that's Today I F**ked Up), one commenter shared a very woeful story.. 

I took the time to prepare a romantic, candle-lit place. It was beautiful, with heart-shaped balloons, red and white roses everywhere, candles everywhere, made her favourite meal, made a mixtape with our favourite songs ... anything a girl wants in a relationship right? I was so excited to see her reaction and my heart was going wild. It was my first time ever doing this, so I did my best, but it was all damn beautiful! 

Everything apparently went as planned... following dinner, dancing and romancing, he popped the big question. His girlfriend said yes but, as the Reddit user, known as Alceus, wrote, SINCE YOU KNOW SHE IS A WOMAN AND COMES FROM ANOTHER PLANET his new fiance decided she didn't like the proposal in retrospect and could he do it over? 

She wanted me to call her friends and surprise her with them instead! We argued a lot, she appreciated my efforts but didn't like it all. Her friends weren't impressed either, one even called him selfish!

According to him, after a LOT of fighting, she's sent him an apology pizza to work and while he's accepted the pizza, he isn't returning her calls. 

Source: cosmopolitan 

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