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Woman's Instagram Account Is Deleted After She Shares Photos Of Her Stretch Marks

According to a report on the Daily Mail, Hannah-Grace Moore's Instagram account was promptly deleted after she posted a post-baby photo of herself just after giving giving birth to her twin girls.

The snap, which shows the 20-year-old in a bikini, shows slight stretch marks on her belly, and it was apparently for this reason that the photo-sharing site is said to have removed the account.


The new mum, who had been struggling with balancing relationships and the responsibilities of being a new mother and had finally plucked up the courage to upload photos of her bother after birth, in a bid to help improve her confidence.

Her aim was to show that every person's body can be beautiful in its own way.

However, Instagram responded by deactivating the new mum's account TWO minutes later with a notification saying that there had been "violations" it its terms of use.

Moore has now created a new account, with the bio 'Back on this account, new one got shut down' and has told the Daily Mail that body censoring confirms the negative thoughts she'd been fighting since giving birth in 2014.

“I wrote that no one should ever get judged or brought down by their size because it shouldn’t matter," she said.

“I felt so confident posting the picture showing my baby belly, my belly that carried twin girls for only six months.”

#family #perfect #twins #prems #27weekers #9months

A photo posted by Hannah-Grace Johnstone Moore (@hannah_gracemoore) on

Instagram, for its part, called the incident a “technical mistake" and interestingly has changed its guidelines and now approves the uploading of breastfeeding and post-mastectomy scars - so I guess that means stretch marks are okay too!

Source: Elite Daily

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