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You Will Never Guess Who Might Be The Next James Bond!

When Daniel Craig quit as James Bond, it was like the world had ended for Bond fans, as he was a sensational agent.

There were so many rumours about who would replace him including Idris Elba, Tom Hardy and Tom Hiddleston.

Now though, the internet is speculating that Theo James, from the Divergent series, could be about to take over the role of 007.

While it obviously isn't confirmed, we don't mind putting it out there as a possibility because, well, look at him. HE LOOKS LIKE A BOND.

FamousLive are reporting there was a private press conference on Sunday were Theo said ''When my agent called and first told me that I was being considered for the Bond~role, I almost fell off my chair. But it is one of those roles that I have dreamt of playing ever since I was a little kid and I had to go for the audition. It seems it paid off and it feels like I am dreaming. This will be a blast.''

There are reports that pre-production for the next Bond starts in August and filming will then follow in September. 

We can't wait.

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