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You Won't Believe What RHOS Star Lisa Oldfield Called Krissy

Real Housewives of Sydney star Lisa Oldfield has labelled fellow housewife Krissy marsh a ‘sl*t’ and a  ‘mole’ before accusing her of ‘molesting’ a young waiter, during an ugly confrontation on the hit reality show. 

The women had met up for the first time at Athena X's art exhibition, after a fiery trip away, which saw Lisa dramatically leave in the middle of the night. The showdown kicked off after an innocent conversation about a piece of artwork in front of a packed gallery.   

Lisa yelled at Krissy claiming all she ever talked about was “all the big c**k she’s sucked” before calling her fake.

“You’re a skinny chick with a really bad nose job,” she yelled in front of shocked art lovers.

She went on to talk about the 45-year-old’s ‘designer vagina’ before accusing her of flashing her ‘smelly vagina’ in the plane’s toilets. Things turned physical when Lisa pushed fellow housewife Matty Samaei before storming off.

Krissy described Lisa's comments as filth and demanded one of the housewife's drive her home. 

Today Lisa took to Instagram to speak out about the confrontation saying she was embarrassed by her behaviour. She claimed she got 'angry' when Krissy chose to 'mock and belittle her anxiety and marital problems. She finished off by saying it was 'still no excuse to go below the belt.' 

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