• YouTube turns 7

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Video sharing website YouTube celebrated its 7th birthday this week.

Since first going live in 2005 it has changed the way we use the internet and impacted on billons of people. It has helped launch entertainment careers and help end dictaroships.

120 million videos have been uploaded, with more than 60 hours of footage being uploaded every minute!
While the majority of the top 20 viewed clips on YouTube are music videos, there are some other user generated classics from over the years!

We look back on a selection of the most popular/unusual videos from over the years:

Justin Bieber has the honour of having the most viewed clips on Youtube. Over 730 million people have checked out his song, Baby:

Charlie Bit My Finger was first uploaded in 2007 and soon went viral:

The evolution of dance - 60 years of dance styles in 6 minutes:

Laughing baby:

Sometimes the dentist might go overboard with the anaesthetic:

Even Pandas get hayfever:

Twin babies talking:

A fun commercial for Evian water involving babies and rollerblades:

And last but not least, almost 10 million people have taken a look at our very own Mark Aiston copping a low blow on live TV:

What’s your favourite YouTube clip? 


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