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3 Great Things To Do With The Kids These School Holidays

We're only a few days into the school holidays, and if you're reading this in the bathroom, trying to get a few seconds of peace while the tornado of your offspring tears your house apart because they "don't like milk anymore", perhaps it's time for a field trip.

Here are some interesting things happening this week around town, hopefully at least one of them will work.

'Wonderful Wizard of Oz' Sand Sculptures

Perhaps you've already taken them to see the Wizard of Oz at the Festival Theatre, or perhaps they've been bugging you, and you're confident you can convince them that this is actually it.

At the Port Noarlunga Esplanade till the end of the holidays, 300 tonnes of sand have been carved by 9 international and local sand sculptors so you can wander down the Yellow Brick / Sandstone Road and through the story of the Wizard of Oz.

All your favourite characters make an appearance, although hopefully not those flying monkeys, which scared the bejeesus out of me as a kid.

There are also a bunch of activities to discover along the way; interactive photography, sculptor's talks, a family game zone, and of course, a giant sandpit, where you can throw the kids and then sit on a bench and judge the naughty kids.  Until you realise that's your kids.

Kids tickets are $6, adults are $12 (plus booking fee)


Road Safety School Holiday Program

I used to love riding my bike around the road safety place opposite the outdoor Marion pool.  It's also where my mum took me for driving lessons (and is therefore responsible for many of the dents in our old car).  But that place is a wetland now, and the Road Safety Centre is now at the Thebarton Police Barracks at the start of Port Road.

They're holding FREE 2-hour road safety sessions during the school holidays, including bikes and helmets (all sessions are from 10-12 noon):

Ages 5 to 8

Tuesday, 24 April

Ages 9 to 12

Thursday, 19 April

Thursday, 26 April

Book by calling the Road Safety Section of SAPOL on 8207 6585.

If they're booked out, you can still use the roadway at other times - as long as there's not a "Do Not Enter" sign displayed.  You can ring the above number to make sure it's not booked out, and you'll need to bring your own bikes and helmets.

The Grove Shopping Centre School Holiday Activities

A lot of shopping centres have school holiday activities, but the Grove has a lot of stuff happening between 11 and 2, Tuesdays and Thursdays during the holidays.

Cookie Monster Cupcake Decorating

Tuesday, April 17th

Look at this picture and tell me you don't want to smash it into your face like you're the Inception of Deliciousness.  Imagine your kid's face as you eat the cupcake they made for themselves.  Life's tough kid, you need to learn that.

Slime making

Thursday, April 19th

In this workshop, your kids will learn to make slime out of household materials, so only do this one if a) trust your kids, or b) you're prepared to have your cupboards ripped apart and spend the rest of the holidays trying to get slime out of the carpet.

Bubble Artistry

Tuesday, April 24th

You know those elephants that paint in zoos?  If you've ever thought "I WISH my kid could do art that good", now's your chance.

Bubble Artistry involves using coloured bubble solution to blow bubbles onto paper and letting Madame Chaos do the majority of the work..  Who knows, if your child is any good at this, you could end up a millionaire!

Balloon Artist

Thursday, April 26th

Magic Mike (sorry, not THAT one) will be making balloon animals and showcasing his cool talents.  Kids will get to take the balloon animals away with them at the end of the demonstration, so if you don't get your groceries done before, know that you'll probably have another thing to carry while you shop.


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