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Don't Let Winter Stop YOU From Being Healthy & Fit!

With rainy days and grey skies signalling winter has arrived, don't let the colder weather stop you achieving your health and fitness goals.

Even the best of us can be tempted to stay in bed that little bit longer, settle into the couch for the night or reach for heavy comfort foods when the temperature drops.

Here are our four top tips for beating the winter woes:

1. Stay Hydrated

It's easy in winter to forget to keep up your water intake, however this simple slip up will only add to making you feel sluggish and tired. Make sure to keep a bottle of water on hand and try to take regular sips throughout the day.

Or warm up from the winter chill by boosting your water intake with a natural or herbal tea without sugar. Just fill up the kettle with fresh filtered water and follow your favourite tea's instructions for a great tasting cuppa.


Natural teas are a great way to keep up your water intake during winter.

2. Move it

Keeping up with regular exercise is one of life's greatest struggles during the winter months. However, too much comfort food and too many times skipping a workout can lead to extra winter weight. If heading outside is off the cards, look to weight resistance exercises that use your own body weight to strengthen and tone muscles.

Try a quick routine of five different exercises such as squats, lunges or push-ups. Do each exercise 10-20 times before resting and then repeating the routine again. Pilates, on the other hand, can offer a gentler exercise approach and requires little space, so it's perfect for doing in your lounge room.


3. Eat Well

Healthy food choices doesn't just mean salads. Take advantage of the colder weather and fill up on yummy soups using great tasting Puratap water and packed with hearty vegetables. Soups, preferably homemade as well as low in fat and salt, are also another great way to up your water intake while beating the winter blues.


Soups packed with veggies are a great healthy winter food.

4. Avoid 'Nasties'

Getting struck down with a cold or flu is the last thing you need when trying to keep up your health and fitness goals. To avoid “nasties” aim to drink about eight glasses of water a day. Water assists with healthy kidney function and works to remove toxins that build up in the body. Make sure to drink the best possible water you can be with Puratap filtered water removing “nasties” and leaving you with simply great tasting water.


Winter is the season for colds and flu.


Images: Dreamstime / Donna Hay 


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