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What's on trend in 2017 and how to get the look in your home

Next year's home trend predictions are a complete shake up of the recent home trends we've become familiar with. Those in the know when it comes to trends and design have predicted something vastly different to the home trends we've seen the last few years.

2017's interior trends are all about warmth. The cool tones of marble, white and grey offset by copper highlights that were so readily adopted in 2016, are now gone. In its place is a new dawn of luxury and vibrance with deep, rich hues and textures.

Whether you’re renovating, building a new home or simply want to update your home's look, these are the trends you'll want to include:

Jewel tones

It's all about making that space light and bright in colours reflective of shimmering gems like emerald, amethyst, topaz, ruby, and sapphire. Complement with luxurious velvet textures and gold metallics.

jewel tones
Image: Splendid Habitat

Get the look:

Go big with this stunning turquoise green Dagarn sofa and footstool from Ikea -

Image: Ikea

Or for a smaller update, try some velvet cushions in rich hues from Big W -

big pillow
Image: Big W


In 2017, natural textures will feature heavily and the warm, earthy colour of cork has seen it pop up as a unique material for home trends. Think cork stools, cork side tables or even a cork feature wall.

Image: @p.roduct

Get the look:

Incorporate cork at home with Ikea's Sinnerlig collection in stools, benches and tables -

ikea cork
Image: Ikea

Or get creative with some leftover wine corks and make a DIY corkboard -

Image: vi.sualize.us

Plush bed heads

The luxe feel of 2017 home trends continues into the bedroom with lavish-looking upholstered bed heads.

plush bed head
Image: The Interiors Addict

Get the look:

Achieve instant bed head luxe with the neutral tone and clean lines of Ikea's Bekkestua bed frame -

ikea bed set
Image: Canadian Living

Or for a more temporary on trend fix, try these Gullklocka cushion covers from Ikea, stacked against the wall or your existing bedhead and the soft touch of a throw - 

Image: Ikea


Before you start thinking of orange-brown terracotta pots and paved outdoor patios, terracotta in 2017 is fresh with a natural, matte finish that will add warmth to your interior.

tuscan living
Image: Tuscan Traveller

Get the look:

Add charm and style with these handmade terracotta tiles from Eco Outdoor -

teracotta tiles
Image: Eco Outdoor

Or go small scale with the Mediterranean feel of Jamie Oliver's terracotta range from Big W -

Images: Big W


Materials like steel and metallics like brass, antique gold, bronze and onyx will be key features returning in 2017. Think metals mixed with raw and earthy materials and textures such as terracotta/clay, cork, timber, wool cushions and throws, sheepskin rugs, leather and linen.

Image: StyleCaster

Get the look:

Update your kitchen sink with Puratap's three-way filtered mixer tap in the Industry design. Featuring a separate line for all your fresh, filtered water and a separate line for your hot and cold mains tap water -

Image: Puratap

Or try a rug update from Ikea with the natural texture of sheepskin or cowhide rugs -

Images: Ikea

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