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‘Ruggie’ Alarm Clock Makes You Get Out Of Bed To Turn It Off

Everyone knows that feeling when you wake up from a deep sleep to the annoying and aggravating sound of your alarm and think to yourself, 'just five more minutes', before pressing the snooze button.

Or sometimes, when you're a serial snoozer like me, you might actually manage to turn the alarm off subconsciously without even realising that it's time to get up!

And while it may feel good to stay snuggled up in your doona for a little while longer, it eventually turns to a feeling of regret when you realise that you're definitely going to be late for work.

Well never fear fellow sleep lovers, the 'Ruggie' clock is here! And it's said to change the way that we start our day.

Why? Because it makes you physically get up out of bed to turn off the alarm!

That's right, the 'Ruggie' clock says no to snoozing because it will only turn on if you stand on it.

And no, you can't just hop back into bed after touching it with your feet because it has a countdown system that forces you to stand on it for a certain amount of time to stop the alarm.

Oh and to make it even better, instead of just being that nagging sound that forces you out of bed, the 'Ruggie' actually greets you with a positive message every day!

Of course, we feel like you could cheat the system by just placing something heavy enough on the mat...but if you're against waking up early THAT much, we suggest looking into a job that starts a bit later in the day...

But if you're up for starting off your day with a positive wake up, you can purchase your 'Ruggie' here!

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