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Take 1 Min So You Know Your Rights When Your iPhone Shatters

You will, at some stage, break your iPhone.  If not you, then it'll be your partner, your nephew or your toilet.

You might have heard stories about the fine print in warranties meaning you gave up your consumer rights as soon as you opened the box.

The ACCC wants us to know that Australian Consumer Law overrides anything a manufacturer tries to sneak through the fine print.

However, as seen in a recent case against LG, they don't need to tell us our rights, meaning you need to be aware of what you are, and aren't entitled to.

So, when you drop your iPhone, and the screen shatters, we all THINK we have 2 options.

Get the repair done through Apple.  You need to go online, book an appointment (usually they're booked up for weeks), suffer with a broken phone till then, take time off work to drop it off, and hopefully get it repaired by the end of the day.  But at least if anything else goes wrong, we won't have voided the warranty.


Go to the place in the food court near work, and they'll have it done, probably cheaper, by the time you've finished your cold rolls.  The gamble is, if something else goes wrong, you can't take it back to Apple.


The ACCC says Apple still has to repair faults after you've taken it to an unauthorised repairer - as long as the fault wasn't caused by the repairer.

So if you get your screen replaced in a shopping mall, and then the Bluetooth stops working, you can still take it into Apple, and they can't refuse to take a look at it.

Now, if you really want to get into it and read the long version, check out ACCC's Repair, Replace and Refund page and Australian Consumer Law.

So the next time you have to get a business to fix something, you won't feel bullied out of your rights.

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