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There's A New App That Lets You Borrow A Pup For The Day!

Introducing everyone's favourite new app, Bark'N'Borrow


The app organises puppy playdates, allowing users to borrow a dog for the day. 

Perfect for dog lovers that don't quite have the space to commit to owning a dog or even families wanting to 'test' having a puppy in their house for the day. 


Here's how it works. 

Firstly, those looking to score puppy playdates have to set up their profiles with standard combinations of pictures and personal information that is asked by most app profile types. 

After users supply that information, they have to explain why they want to hang out with a dog and what kind of dog they're looking for. 

Once all that information is set up and you've passed a company-run background check, you can start searching for dogs in your area and arrange a play date! 

Additionally, Bark'N'Borrow enables actual puppy sitters access to an even bigger puppy market which will definitely expand the puppy sitting industry. 


Source: Elite Daily

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