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Family Living In House Covered In Beer Cans Kicked Out

In what’s been described as both art and an eyesore comes this story out of the UK.

A family who have spent years covering their semi-detached house in beer cans have been forced out.

The Muspratt family first started attracting attention in 2005 when they began decorating their house with cans, specifically Fosters cans.

More than 75,000 cans have since been glued to the side of the house, however, a water feature and a barbecue have also been caught up in the deccos.


Reactions have been mixed, some have called it art and others say it’s an eyesore.

But the council estate where the house is located is making way for new homes – meaning the house will be levelled.


The family didn’t make it easy though.

They refused to take any offer from the council to leave the home and so they were consequently made to leave by court order.



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