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70's Cookbook 'Be Bold with Bananas' Is Beyond Gross

We've found this amaazing old cookbook from 1972 that contains a stack of recipes featuring a mostly overlooked ingredient when it comes to preparing dinner...the banana!

Originally published by the Banana Importers of Wellington, NZ, 'Be Bold With Bananas' is a 64 page cookbook stacked with recipes that encouraged 1970's budding gourmet chefs to give the humble yellow fruit more of ago when preparing a meal... 


We can't believe it was popular enough to warrant a reprint...!

The blurb inside the book says: “Among the extraordinary features of this book are the beautiful, full-page, colour photographs of many of the delectable recipes.”

Recipes include:

Banana Sausages
Bananas and Ham
Curried Meat with Banana (Choose between Chuck Steak or Chicken)
Potato and Banana Nests
Banana Duck in Orange Sauce
Banana Paella
Banana-Condensed Milk Tart
Banana Foam
Poor Mans Banana Pudding
Banana and Egg Salad
Spanish Stew

And: Banana Candles....


Yep...why not drizzle MAYONNAISE onto an upright banana and place a cherry on top...nothing suss about that...! 

Or how about combining banana's with seafood....


"Put another shrimp and banana on the barbie mate"

Perhaps you prefer fish?


Banana sushi anyone?

You know what would go well with ham or chicken? You guessed it...


And whatever the hell these dodgy looking meals are featuring the ever adaptable banana!




No. Just NO.

So, if you're thinking of 'changing things up' in the kitchen, next time you're cooking dinner why not take some inspiration and throw in a banana or two.

Or not.

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