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Ben & Jerry’s Have Released Ice-Cream Just For Vegans!

Calling all vegans or even just our lactose intolerant friends out there who usually have to pass whenever an ice cream treat is on the table. Until now that is!

Ben & Jerry's have just announced three different flavours of dairy-free ice cream to fulfill the ice cream cone shaped hole in their lives!

Two of the flavours on sale are one's that all of us dairy lovers are already familiar with, including Chunky Monkey (banana ice cream, chocolate chunks and walnuts) and Chocolate Fudge Brownie (Chocolate ice cream with brownie pieces).

But there is also going to be the introduction of a flavour that is EXCLUSIVE to the dairy-free range, and that is Peanut Butter & Cookies (vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookies and peanut butter swirls!

To make the sweet treats even more delicious, they are said to be made with the dairy alternative, almond milk. And they're even fairtrade certified!

Now before we get your hopes up too much, we should mention that this non-dairy option is only currently available in the UK... BUT don't worry! People are seriously pushing for it to be brought down under.

One ice cream lover even started a Change.org petition in the name of the desert.

So hopefully we'll start seeing these Ben & Jerry's tubs in stores just in time for summer!

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