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Can You Spot What’s Wrong With The Caramel M&Ms Packet?!

There's no doubt that M&M's have been more than generous to all us chocolate lovers out there with their latest product releases.

Just recently we saw the introduction of the M&M's chocolate bars (where have they been all our lives!) and now we're set to see these little treats COMPLETELY reinvented with gooey caramel loaded in the middle.

Yep feel free to take a moment to react to that...we certainly can't Wait for these sugary treats!

Sadly they won't be hitting the stores for around another six months, but we have already seen a glimpse at what the packaging will look like.

Now at first, the violet coloured packet looks perfectly innocent and very similar to other packets in the M&M's family. That is until people started noticing something kind of disturbing...and we're losing our minds!

And it has everything to do with the little red and yellow M&M's who we've seen as characters throughout the company's advertisements along with their friends of other colours.

Have you spotted it yet? No? Well get ready to feel a little bit alarmed after we explain it to you.

On the bottom of the packet, we can see the red and yellow M&M's playing tug-of-war with the orange M&M who we all assumed was one of their friends!

The two original characters seem to be gleefully tearing their colleague apart in what appears to be a savage message to all other M&M's who attempt to take their spotlight.

You'd think the pair would be happy to share their fame and glory seeing as they've spent most of their commercial air time running away from people who want to eat them.

But I mean, who are we to judge...As soon as these caramel bad boys appear in stores we'll probably be chowing down on them too.

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